SUNULAB TECHNOLOGY includes people who advocate the open mind of sharing, learning and working in community. It’s a hub of persons who have perspectives to be presented, or simply people who want to learn new things or to practise what they learn.
You are student or professional, come to share what you know or simply take advantage of what others are sharing with you.  We are trying to built an environment where everybody can gain some experiences and make some work in fact to develop and improve your skills.

The main idea is to make every participant winning of experiences in its domain and in others.
Once you become a Member , you can present your personal projects and we shall help you to realize them as much by the hand of work as by moral and intellectual support (and sometimes financial).

The advantages :
Available workspace (computers, offices, internet, coffee)
Contact with people with the same skills (formation) as you.
Contact with other people with different skills (formation)
Assistance, help and realization of your projects
Possibility of offering your skills and of sharing your ideas
Develop your skills and gain few more lines in your CV
You want to be a member, mail us at :
Full name, Formation; School or Company; Skills


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